Holistic Healing Practice sessions are offered to support personal growth. Jen offers a unique blend of holistically processing life experience, blocks, beliefs, emotions, body communication and energy with intuitive reflection, psychological knowledge, emotional processing & skill-building, spiritual mentoring, guided visualization, meditation technique, directives and inspired resources. 

Jen provides a supportive and confidential space to deeply process emotionally-charged life experience, cultivate mind-body awareness and develop spiritual vitality.

Sessions build and strengthen emotional and energetic wellness. They are offered as a healing opportunity to release root causes of pain and fear, tap into the existing wisdom within each person and expand into greater choice, ease, creativity and freedom.



Reiki is an ancient form of healing that delivers Universal Life Force energy to reduce stress and tension, nourish the nervous system, release energy blocks and encourage healing.


Reiki energy will go where it’s needed to clear, balance and restore wellness to the whole person.


As a Reiki practitioner, Jen calls in Universal Life Force energy to activate her intuitive guidance and to offer an alchemizing experience to each and every person and session agreement.


Jen offers a unique collection of what she calls Spirit Skills to expand session work and strengthen independent processing.

Guided Visualization

A contemplative practice using guided visualization and breath to journey inward, experience inner wisdom, cultivate your relationship with self-love and connect with Spirit energy.

Safe Space Nature Visualization - Jennifer M. Scott
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Intentional Thought

The practice of using affirmation statements, imagery and mantras - the repetition of a sacred or intuitively guided phrase - in combination with the breath to increase focus, grow self -love and connect with Spirit energy.

Intentional Thought - Mantra - Jennifer M. Scott
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Meditation & Breathing

A practice of meditation and breathing techniques to train the mind, relax the nervous system, clear the physical and subtle energy body systems and increase intuition & energy.

Concentration Practice - Jennifer M. Scott
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3-Part Breath Technique - Jennifer M. Scott
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Journaling & Art Making

An expressive process of writing and art making to process feelings and to support emotional and energetic wellness.

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